Valsavarenche is totally included in the Gran Paradiso National Park , which also affects the two side valleys of Cogne and Rhêmes , Eaux Rousses linked to the High Street n . 2 .

It is an oasis of flora and fauna most important in Europe , with its 55,875 hectares, of which approximately 35,000 in Valle d'Aosta , with the adjacent French national park of Vanoise, is the largest protected reserve in Western Europe, with 500 miles of trails.

From 1821 hunting reserve of the royal House of Savoy , in 1922 it was sold to the Italian state , who made a national park : they were well preserved and rare plant species was protected from extinction fauna fine , including the golden eagle, the ptarmigan , the hare , ermine , black grouse , chamois, marmots, ibex . Examples of the latter are served to repopulate wildlife areas throughout the Alps. It is estimated that currently live in the park 4000 7000 ibex and chamois.

The flora includes , you can say , all European mountain species , including the androsace Alpine gentianellas , saxifrage , anemones, genepy , edelweiss , buttercup , yarrow and the rare Limnaea Borealis , polar origin .

The rules to be observed in the park are listed in the boards that meet frequently on roads and paths . It is a handbook of polite and civil conduct , unnecessary for the hiker intelligent .

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