The photographer most passionate and demanding cineamatore can not ask for more : you'll be spoiled for choice.

In the valley of Leviona to surprise the marmot , which stands upright and suspicious on the rock , ready to whistle alarm or while ago shyly peeking out of its burrow to discover the intentions of the intruder ?

Or in the meadows around the lakes , to zoom in on the insects buzzing in the mosaic of flora carpet ?

Or among the rocks dell'Entrelor to observe the " solemn black flight " of the eagle to the daily search of prey ?

Or on the high slopes cautiously trying to encapsulate in the viewfinder that herd of mountain goats to graze intent or the old lone male who cud lazily behind a rock ?

And who knows, one of you will not be able one day and realize its scoop by capturing the image of suede albino , like the one who moved to Nivolet few years ago !

With fotostaffetta faster suede your film will come to the valley floor and in short that pair of massive horns that some time before rising to scythe above two eyes watchful , be ready for the album of memories.

And in the evening, while we sit comfortably in front of the small screen , the camera will cycle through all the story of a day full of events , discoveries and emotions.

And, why not, to admire the Matterhorn from Blue Lake , M. Rosa Gressoney , Courmayeur and from the M. White that you can cross the glacier cable car , the eighth wonder of the world?

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