The High Streets , and their variants , the trails of the valley are within the reach of every decent walker and do not present any particular difficulties. The first tables are equipped with yellow signs that indicate, in addition to the station point , directions, fees and travel times , peaks and hills , lakes and shelters.

By the Hostellerie are also provided topographic maps for each route .

Of great interest are the proposals for trips along the park trails on a mountain bike booked at the Hostellerie . Anyone can achieve impressive and unforgettable destinations , such as high green meadows around the alpine lakes of the Hill Entrelor , pass to the Rhêmes Valley , the Chabod , balcony amphitheater of glaciers Herbetet , Montandayné , Piccolo Paradiso , the picturesque lakes places to mirror the mountains that crown the hill Nivolet ; refuge Vittorio Emanuele II, the basis for the ascent of the Gran Paradiso ; Leviona of the valley , the domain of chamois and ibex, on the slopes of the Col Lauson looming over the valley Cogne , Sberna the bivouac , on the hinge of the great rock glaciers ... and many more.

Who wishes to be accompanied by a guide that can explain the characteristics of the natural environment , it can request it through the direction of the Hostellerie , which also provides expert alpine flora and fauna , which in special meetings outdoors shows the most unique aspects of the mountain nature. The guide is indispensable when dealing with the Gran Paradiso , the Grivola , Ciarforon , the Herbetet , the Grand Serz , the Grand Nomenon , the Monciair , Becca Montandayné , for which the normal equipment must be completed with rope, ice ax and crampons.

Form of hiking fascinating and comprehensive : the mountains and valleys of Valsavaranche open up the possibility of more extensive experience on the ground the arguments of the preparatory conversations held in the meadows Hostellerie: morphology and alpine geology , flora and fauna , hydrography , meteorology, power , first aid, equipment and guidance. The key , of course : counts most have retained a bit of the spirit of the pioneers , to dive into an ancient world , clocked only by the rhythms of nature and to rediscover in ourselves something that inadvertently we were losing and that perhaps can make better our lives , perhaps the deepest meaning of human contact , the primary value of mountaineering.

The most healthy and elementary sports, carried out for the whole day , where crossing a stream on the rough plank walkway , the reflection of a distant lake, the leap of a chamois stopped by the camera, have the flavor of unique moments that come alive at night in the big room of the shelter , we leave at dawn to discover another little corner of the world .

Air, sun and play their friends are natural. It's already a lot, but let's add something. A nice walk is always good and there is something for all tastes, suitable to satisfy even the adults: easy trails, demonstrations of plant and animal life, streams and lakes that are an irresistible lure. Even a picnic, proposed in the right day and in the right place, peppered with a few games, it's a nice attraction. Condense the desire to socialize and compete with suitable sports initiatives, mountain bikes for older children, for example, with a brisk downhill on a sled, or a treasure hunt .. and you're done.

And if they can do things the "big", why not?

The photographer most passionate and demanding cineamatore can not ask for more : you'll be spoiled for choice.

In the valley of Leviona to surprise the marmot , which stands upright and suspicious on the rock , ready to whistle alarm or while ago shyly peeking out of its burrow to discover the intentions of the intruder ?

Or in the meadows around the lakes , to zoom in on the insects buzzing in the mosaic of flora carpet ?

Or among the rocks dell'Entrelor to observe the " solemn black flight " of the eagle to the daily search of prey ?

Or on the high slopes cautiously trying to encapsulate in the viewfinder that herd of mountain goats to graze intent or the old lone male who cud lazily behind a rock ?

And who knows, one of you will not be able one day and realize its scoop by capturing the image of suede albino , like the one who moved to Nivolet few years ago !

With fotostaffetta faster suede your film will come to the valley floor and in short that pair of massive horns that some time before rising to scythe above two eyes watchful , be ready for the album of memories.

And in the evening, while we sit comfortably in front of the small screen , the camera will cycle through all the story of a day full of events , discoveries and emotions.

And, why not, to admire the Matterhorn from Blue Lake , M. Rosa Gressoney , Courmayeur and from the M. White that you can cross the glacier cable car , the eighth wonder of the world?

If we understand each other on certain definitions , hiking can continue throughout the year. It will be called ski-touring in the spring, summer hiking , walk in the fall, cross-country skiing in the winter (by the way the lawn at the Hostellerie turns, with the snow , in a pitch - school for newbies of the fund: for the experts just move a few hundred meters to take the ring that runs for 8km between meadows and forests ) . Mountain and snow are sure guarantors of the result , except for some whim climate . And it's obvious because we are in the mountains, but they are always ready options : tennis and swimming , for example.

And what would you say to assist or , better yet, participate in a trial of all special triathlon , which takes off from a paraglider , with landing on the banks of the river where the boat is ready for the test rafting , down, down the foaming waters , ready then to pull over where the waves subside to jump on a mountain bike and come back fresh and sprightly to the square of the Hostellerie ?

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